As a last minute addition I was asked to join the Heartlands SE division and JR their double header in Hertfordshire. Ed drove. Top of the Pops 1998 CD in the car. YES.


Ok so it’s no secret that I don’t like JR. I find the counting stressful, I hate all the little intricate rules on things, I hate that people get pissy with you for not seeing other stuff when you’re just focussing on your jammer. But most recently, I have hated that it HURTS MY ANKLE SO BLOODY MUCH. I’ve sussed out where the tendinitis comes from – it’s from the plough position that I put my right foot in so often. I push out on it on corners when I JR, I stomp it down when I want to stop quickly, and I use it to slow me down when I’m going too fast. I use it a lot. That does however mean that I get horrible pains up the outside of my leg and at my ankle and skating stops being fun. Suggestion from stubble: Bend your legs more. ACTUALLY working. Damn him for being so clever.

I JR’d with Danger. Ed was the HR and the rest of the crew swapped around during the two games.

Things that didn’t work so well: The hall was crazily orange so I had to squint at times to focus. Also at one point I skated out to go to the loo, didn’t realise there was a dip on the otherside of the door and went arse-over-tit. That knacked. 

Things that did go well: The reffing. Seriously. It was the first time that I really enjoyed being the JR. There were some odd things and some textbook things… and I called all of them. I got the nod from Ed a few times when it was a confusing ending and I held up the same amount of points he counted too, and he said at the end he was happy with how I reffed. It felt good actually. It was just what I needed to boost my confidence before the Euros. 

Sent a message to Cherry afterward as part of the mentoring she does, explaining how I finally enjoyed a double header as the JR. She replied about how it can be a really comfortable position to be in so she will keep pushing me. I laughed and said I was a way off being comfortable so not to worry… she replied: “You’ll be comfortable long before you know you are”.

Touché Fury.