Hassle in Newcastle

This weekend saw the long awaited trip up north for the B team tournament in Newcastle.

I am currently hating my skates so didn’t want to make the trip at all – but thanks to G and Sniper I had spare skates up there waiting to be tried on, like Cinderella.

Friday I took the day off work and Shref came into Birmingham around 07:30 (yes, really). We had breakfast, I finished packing… and said goodbye to Livingstone whose last day it was at work…. And we got in the car headed for Leeds and Fuck You Boris. Had food with him and caught up, which was just lovely, then carried on up to the Toon. Saw Sniper, Bryn, Miss Chief, Holli and stayed with Marie.

The bout schedule needed us there at 08:00. We didn’t have to do anything til 10:00. The first bout was MMR, with Terri benching. The bouts were all half hours. We did three of them and I wasn’t chosen for the final ref crew. I did FIPR for all three and got some nice feedback from Stiff and Sven.

Then I got hideously drunk, put lipstick on Dark Matter and hid from Bobby. I can’t really remember much else… Apart from the buffet. DAMN, that was a good spread.

Three bouts to the list. Beat my target. Now at 34 🙂


Hittin’ up the Harbour

Work sent me on a week-long course to learn how to be A BOSS. (Like I don’t already know how to direct workflows and promote synergy)

It was in Bristol, so I drove and took my skates – and met up with the Harbour Harlots for a practice. At first I was all SAD FACE because I didn’t recognise any people to be refs. Then I was all HAPPY FACE when the crowd parts and there stands the lovely Mr Incredibrawl. Ahhhh, ref friends.

Nice practice. I skated into a wall and wiped myself out.

Line em up and knock em down

Taking a day out of reffing, I put on my visor, bum bag from Berlin (LOVE THIS) and my bestest brightest eightiest leggings, and headed to Hull with the Hinnies to line them up.

The Hinnies are well into being a TEAM and asked me to be at practices with them for the few weeks before the bout. I thought they were being high maintenance, but actually it was totally worth it.

I worked on a grouping system with them for a few reasons:

1) They have a healthy spread of skills and experience
2) They have some crazy happy hippies on the team and I wanted to spread that positivity
3) I knew it would make my life easier.

They skate out to Push It by Salt and Peppa, so I had them in Team Salt and Team Peppa, gave them coloured tape on their elbow pads so I didn’t get confused and mix them together. I showed them all the visualisation and positive thinking I introduced the Belters to when I helped bench them, and we did this in practice and then on the day.

Gotta say, I love this team. Never met a happier (on the whole, don’t get me wrong, there are some sour-pusses in the ranks) bunch of lasses, so willing to try out anything new.

With about 10 seconds left on the clock (and us about 100 points in the lead), I asked Dog to call a time out, got the girls together, and gave the star panty to Captain La Dolce Beater. She was unimpressed but had promised to do it if we reached 200 points. Priceless watching her little face as the entire team shouted “keep going”.

They won of course. Well done ladies.