Topless derby dreams

I had this dream the other night.

I was an off-skates THR at an event where the ref crew asked me to offer them support because they were all new. Like newbies new. I sat trackside and had a whistle JUST IN CASE anything went wrong.

Everything was going fine until the teams changed and the new line up entered the track, wearing nothing above their waists. No wrist guards, elbow pads, helmet or mouthguard. And no top or bra.

I flagged it to the nearest ref and they just stared at me. I mouthed: “They can’t play like that” and the refs just ignore me. At this point they’re all lined up and the jam is about to start and I’m freaking out.

I try to blow my whistle and it doesn’t make any noise.

I start screaming TOOT TOOT TOOT TOOT and everyone looks at me.

I run into the middle and the jam is called off. I bring everyone into the middle to ask WTF they were playing at.

None of them realise that it was against the rules to skate like that and say I’m over reacting.

Then I wake up.


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