Reasons to love Ref School

  • It gives me the chance to successfully talk a group of adults into leaving a room and hiding when two people go for a toilet break.
  • I get to throw sweets at people for knowing a hand signal.
  • People give the teacher apples. This really happened. It was mint.
  • The students can sometimes amaze you.

So I did the whole “tell me when I’m 10 foot away from you” drill with the trainee refs.

First one up stared intently at me and then shouted STOP. This is how far away I was:



We have reached Week Five. We have looked at the difference between contact and non-contact penalties. How to blow a whistle. The hierarchy of calls. Blocking and counter-blocking. Initiation – established/temporary position/trajectory. Hand signals and verbal cues. Multiple-player blocking. Track cuts. Blocking with the head. High blocking. OPR rotation. That’s a fair amount in only five sessions. 

The next session is 5th December. I won’t be around as I’m THR at BEARDi, so Kickard is taking it for me (it’s his birthday too!). So I got to end our session, on 14th November, with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The next session will be Week Six. Half-way through the 12 week course. Crazy talk. THEY’RE GROWING UP SO FAST!

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