And just like that, it was finished

I started creating Ref School in January. I started trialling it in February. On Sunday 16th August… I finally finished presenting it to the Crash Test Brummies referee crew.

Ahahahahahah. Hahahaa. Ha. Huh. Ahhh. *wipes tear*

God that took a long time didn’t it?


I’m glad it’s finished. I’m glad I have presented it all at least once now (I have repeated a few weeks here and there with individual referees who needed some 1:1) – I still found a typo in the final week when reading it out loud. I’m glad that the people I started with were still (pretty much) there at the end. I’m glad that Kidney was back on skates for the final session after a gnarly break. I’m glad the newbies have been positive. I’m glad they still want to carry on and have agreed to work on their personal development with me to create their own sessions. I’m glad I had Skew to do it all with.

I’m really very very glad for a lot of things today.

I now have some time to work with my mentees and their progression, and then I repeat the process with the Birmingham Blitz who are starting Ref School on October 3rd. I’ll be the main presenter of the programme. MORE BABY REFS TO FALL IN LOVE WITH. I am glad of this.