Au revoir CCR!

Having decided to focus on men’s derby (being the HR for Team England will do that to you) I have realised that my break from CCR is to become permanent.

I have been to one session since I flew out to Dallas. That’s five months I’ve been away. I took the time off after DERBY DRAMA and then just… Didn’t go back.

Of course I wish the team the best of luck in the future.

However I can’t unaffiliate myself without saying: The CCR ref crew are my favourite bunch of weirdos.

I have photoshopped them, drawn on them, worked on a secret sign language with them, posed, pouted and brought in two refs from elsewhere. I have travelled the globe with them and can even communicate with one of them just using looks. 

We have had two babies, one wedding, one retirement and a few losses to coaching and the lure of independence.

I joined CCR in 2013. I have no regrets. 

The roads trips, the in-jokes, the teamwork and the support have been the best.  I wouldn’t change a moment of it for anything. 

I’m just gonna have to work hard to make sure leaving the CCR doesn’t mean leaving them. Stupid bastards. I love them.