Uteruses before duderuses


Well, I think it’s a good thing. I technically made someone wear a label they don’t like wearing so I think they thought it was a bad thing, but that person agreed to do it for me and didn’t bitch about it once… so A GOOD THING HAPPENED.

For the first time in all my time of refereeing, I got to ref with an all-female ref crew. I was going to phrase it as a 100% non-male ref crew, but then I was sure if I tried to celebrate that someone would call it misandry and I’d get get labelled a bitch… SO, ALL FEMALE REF CREW it was.


It happened by accident too.

I was asked to crew the Brummies intraleague game, it was happening on 25 January and I was meant to still be off skates. I put a post on UK refs and had a few interested parties comment. Becks probably free, Skew interested. Hannah T opts in. Holly is new but free if I need her. Skye messages to say she’s up for it. And I suddenly realise… this could be IT. I change plans and opt to ref it if I can make this dream a reality. I message the female refs I know… like COME ONNNNNN, DO IIITTTTTTTT. Cherry Fury can’t. Big Smack wouldn’t get back to London in time. I can feel it slipping out of my grasp when non-binary lovely Mimey comments saying not only is she free, but for my happiness is willing to stand under the FEMALE label for one evening.


I mean fair enough, Becks pulled out and the last minute… BUT I REPLACED HER WITH ANOTHER LASS. Boom. Suga is IN.

The reffing was so different too. I didn’t think it would actually impact on the game, or MY game, not the game of the skaters, but the communication was quick, it was easy to get everyone on the same page. Their voices were heard loud and clear above the grunting and howling from the lads on track. Honestly, it was a bloody dream.


The end of my down-time is nigh…  It had been a crazy year. Lots on. Lots of planning. Lots of travelling. Lots of nice memories and lots of weird crap (see previous post).

This year I experienced a fair bit of derby drama. I figured a five week break from the sport would help.

I got back from Dallas and opted to not go to the league Christmas do which was happening that weekend. I organised a ref xmas photoshoot the next week.


I went to that, we did Secret Santa and had a meal… it was lovely. Between xmas and returning to work I went to the Crash Test Brummies xmas do. Got an award.


I attended a ref rules chat. I went to training sessions with other leagues. One which involved an aggressive skater, a complaint from me, and a ban against them. I held a classroom session with new refs in Oxford, followed by on skates training. I found a new person to mentor. I wrote a 12-week training plan for new officials. I argued with refs over how this should work and whether plow stops were important or not. I got made an admin for the UK refs FB group. I helped write the rules of inclusion for the group and deal with some issues that were already in existence.


I wrote a letter of recommendation to ref cert. I accepted a place at a tournament and I declined another. CTB agreed to open up their ref crew for free for 2015 so I made some more amazing photoshop and ended up with 10 people interested in joining and spent a few days forming plans for teaching them.


Anyway. Back to skating this weekend. Off to London with Big Smack, Sniper and MatLovin for some SDRD training, to buy Heat magazine and to eat cake with a baby in it. No rest for the wicked.