Time to get WET

With prep for the World Cup under-way, a house move, Christmas, and the fact I have a super-short attention span… I kinda forgot that I was refereeing the WFTDA European Tournament in Malmo this weekend. That is, until Duncan Disorderly messaged to check that I was ready for it.

It’s at times like this that I’m glad I prepare far in advance. Hotel booked and paid for. Flights booked and paid for. Travel insurance sorted. Phew.

I had filled in the application and ticked that I would do anything. I had said to Sniper that if I didn’t get chosen we could go away on holiday together. In hindsight it was quite close to the World Cup and I had a lot on… so I wasn’t super fussed if I got in or not. When the CONGRATULATIONS email came in specifying Alt as my position I was left in an awkward position. I couldn’t say I had changed my mind because it would look like I was refusing to Alt… but… holiday with Snipes v standing on the sidelines not joining in… *weeps*

I accepted the position, made a commitment to myself to go on a non-derby holiday next year – and prepared my face for three solid days of derby-watching. Then I found out who was on my crew and I was suddenly a lot more interested.


So, the event was brilliantly ran. Crime City are mainly vegans and are sponsored by Oat Ly milk, they put on brilliant food for us (for free) which was all vegan and super tasty. They looked after us well during the tournament, and then as a thank you I got drunk at the after party and pawed their faces.

I got to OPR Berlin v Rainy on the Saturday and then Berlin v Helsinki on the Sunday. I also got to touch a rabbit… but that was outside of the event.

Having spent Friday getting to know the crew, and watching Rawk do yoga, I was looking forward to getting my skates on on the Saturday (thanks to Jean-Quad for stepping down as I could have a go). It however wasn’t to be my best game. I joined in with the yoga, got myself in the zone – but just didn’t see any penalties, the skaters saved all the naughties for elsewhere on the track… so I just fed information to the middle. I actually called one back block and got the “good call” from Duncan, but that was it. Seriously. What a sodding lonely place the outside of the track can be when you’re used to the constant communication on the inside.


That evening we hung out. Then I went to bed, messaged Bryn for some support, felt loads better, woke up ready to start the day fresh.

Sunday’s game was a world away from Saturday’s. Matt The Knife was HR, Duncan stepped out so I could step in (cheers love). Everything clicked really well and I fricking loved it. Having someone like Fluke thank you for seeing things he couldn’t was awesome. I felt I had all the info that was needed, every time it was needed from me. So I treated myself to gin, vodka, whiskey, rum and beer. Without food. THAT wasn’t the best idea.

I don’t know who won the tournament, nor do I care. It was brilliant. Lots of fun, I got to watch junior derby, oh and Trav and Indi retired. Happy for them both personally. Sad day for roller derby officiating.


WET done. Next up, Kallio v CCR.