Today we had another ROAD TRIP OF AWESOME to Milton Keynes. In the beautiful sunshine. To a sports hall with no windows. Aw yeah!

Trav drove (in his new dad-mobile) with me, Metal Ed and Rocky. Sitting in the back me and Ed wound Trav up the whole time to prepare him for his baby coming. I’m genuinely surprised that I didn’t get shouted at. He’s gonna be an awesome dad.

The bout was a double header – first up was the Milton Keynes womens’ intraleague and then second was Team Ireland v the Quads of War. I was OPR along with Robo Kop and Angel for the first bout and Huggy for the second.

First thing to throw me: They were wearing brownish-grey and sandy-cream but their team colours were grey and brown respectively. MINDF*CK.
Second thing to throw me: Sutton in the audience.

It was an odd one. Someone chucked a helmet cover at me (I don’t THINK they wanted me to take up pivot for the next jam… that was a total let down for them if they did) and someone skated into me and kicked my foot which made me want to do a power cry but I SOLDIERED ON because I’m SUCH A BLOODY MARTYR.

Then something happened – I got really annoyed with myself for the first time in a long while. The penalty box NSO held up a sign in the 30 seconds between jams saying a skater was needed to come to the box. That skater wasn’t on track. I saw they weren’t on track and my mind went blank as to what to do. I shouted Ed (he was HR) but the jam had started before I thought – hmmmm, am I meant to call this dead or not? And I didn’t. It’s weird because I know that’s exactly what I’m meant to do… and it just didn’t happen.

At the end of the jam I told Ed, the Delay of Game penalty was given and no one seemed too bothered – except me. I guess it’s indicative of learning new things. Well over a year in and I’m still having those moments of mind-blank. At least they’re far fewer than they were.

In good news, I’ve been back at the gym this week and I didn’t feel too pushed fitness wise at this bout, so hopefully the World Cup won’t be as much of a shock to my system as I worried. Oh and I changed the lacing and insoles in my skates (and made the plates zebra-print) and now they feel AMAZING.

Excited about the weekend!

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