Two weeks to go

It’s only two weeks til the World Cup and I’m starting to brick it.

I am not running at 100% at the moment.

I got ill on holiday and spent three days in bed with a fever. After that I had an illness hangover of feeling shaky and having what was basically a bad head cold. I had a solid week off any exercise and then tried to go back to the gym… Managed about two days and was wiped out by a water infection.

Cue me eating jam on toast none stop as the only food I can handle… I’ve put on weight and feel like even walking upstairs is a chore.

Training Baby has been harder work than normal – I’ve had to have my iPad with me all the time to check her rules questions because my brain is failing to give me the information.

So. Two weeks to go and my brain and fitness is failing me. NOT THRILLED.

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