Went to SDRD practice yesterday with Mat. I miss Sam. I miss skating, and I like to go places. Shut up.

The ref crew was: Robo, Templeman, Meg, Dr Warlock, Grave Dog and some lovely new bloke from SDRD. Got there late, joined in… spent the first few jams going “Jesus… HOW good is she??!” Some amazing skaters, brilliant to watch.

Had to deal with one person being a twerp though. Sent them off for skating out of bounds. They took themselves off track wilfully, then picked up speed to get back on track… pretty much textbook right? They didn’t agree. Shouted a few bits before moping off to the box, then come the next jam they skated through the middle shouting at me again. Hopeless.

Got the two mixed teams to pick captains, spoke to them and they were so apologetic. It narks me that it’s a mixed scrim, guests from all over the country are there, and people act up like that. But hey. At least everyone else was as embarrassed about that behaviour as I was.

Great session followed by food at the Ace Cafe (chilli, cheese and chips… ERMAGERD) filled with stories of who is sleeping with whom, who has eaten their own vomit (genuine discussion) and what we all got for Christmas. And then the two hour drive home with a sleepy Mat. Ace day.

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  1. Damn, gutted I missed the Ace Cafe afterwards!

    Slightly paranoid about the who’s sleeping with who chat… maybe I take a vow of celibacy for 2014, haha

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