Long-time pack ref, first time jammer ref

Yesterday I jammer reffed a public bout for the first time. CCR v Wiltshire in Birmingham.

The crew was made up of me, Metal Ed, James and Vlad from Derby, Nash, Suga and Robo.

It was my first time in front of a crowd so I spent the night before and the morning of the bout reading and re reading the rules on scoring, and quizzed Ed on every possible outcome. Thankfully during the only star pass of the bout Ed was stood next to me reaffirming that THEY’RE GOOD, THEY’RE GOOD, THAT WAS A LEGAL PASS. Bloody love that guy.

Missed two things, one forearms when my jammer apparently held someone to get round them, I was looking at her feet so missed it. And one back block where I thought they weren’t hit hard enough to fall like they did… But obviously that’s not my place to say.

It felt weird. Like being brand new again. I didn’t like not being certain about my job on track. But it wasn’t awful. Just needs practice.

Finished there, then hot footed it to Bristol for the Bristol Roller Derby Christmas do, where MatLOVIN was nominated for skater of the year. I nearly spat my drink out imagining a Carrie situation. Fun times, lovely bunch.

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