Whilst reffing the Sheffield Steel, one girl leans over from the jam line and says “Hey… Do you not skate anymore?”.

“I’m skating right now”


The bout went well, as usual I didn’t look at the scores so was really surprised by the points differential as both teams looked well-matched. Lots of defence and half-laps before anyone was called lead. Really good game to watch and be a part of.

Also got to ref with M Dawg again which was nice. He also thinks we should be able to smile while we’re reffing… As long as we’re unbiased, we’re human, we’re gonna find awesome things awesome, and awful things awful. It seems such a foreign idea to me to have to keep a straight face all the time. I can be impartial and say hello to people I know. Plus my default facial expression is pure joy. It’s hard to relax my face.

I OPRd with M Dawg and Fu, it was a fast one and the floor was super slick so there was lots of power sliding off the side of the ref lane. I’m hoping it looked cool rather than like I had no control. Ha.

Asked for my first eval for this bout, starting as I mean to go on for 2014. Lets take this shit seriously. With a smile.

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