Hassle in Newcastle

This weekend saw the long awaited trip up north for the B team tournament in Newcastle.

I am currently hating my skates so didn’t want to make the trip at all – but thanks to G and Sniper I had spare skates up there waiting to be tried on, like Cinderella.

Friday I took the day off work and Shref came into Birmingham around 07:30 (yes, really). We had breakfast, I finished packing… and said goodbye to Livingstone whose last day it was at work…. And we got in the car headed for Leeds and Fuck You Boris. Had food with him and caught up, which was just lovely, then carried on up to the Toon. Saw Sniper, Bryn, Miss Chief, Holli and stayed with Marie.

The bout schedule needed us there at 08:00. We didn’t have to do anything til 10:00. The first bout was MMR, with Terri benching. The bouts were all half hours. We did three of them and I wasn’t chosen for the final ref crew. I did FIPR for all three and got some nice feedback from Stiff and Sven.

Then I got hideously drunk, put lipstick on Dark Matter and hid from Bobby. I can’t really remember much else… Apart from the buffet. DAMN, that was a good spread.

Three bouts to the list. Beat my target. Now at 34 🙂


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