After setting a target for bouts, I thought it was a good idea to book some in. I posted on FB asking if anyone had space for me this weekend and eventually ended up messaging Igor and pestering him for a space on his crew in Croydon. Two bouts. That’s two closer to my goal.

He had space for one person and wanted a Jam Ref. I don’t do that. Mainly because I freak out with numbers. Also because I never do it. So when I was offered FIPR (also a position I never do) I said sure… why not. (It’s rude to say no twice, right?)

An hour longer than the journey should have been (traffic, not my awful sense of direction for once) I arrived, frazzled and starving. That is my excuse for falling over doing my warm up laps. That and the fact a cable wasn’t taped down. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE AUDIENCE FOR GOD’S SAKE THOUGH.

The first bout was a B teamer, newer skaters. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such fresh skaters, they were ace don’t get me wrong, but when you’re used to seeing folk like Gouldie body slam someone it’s odd to see people falling at the slightest tap. The plus side for me was that they were slower than usual, which made skating backwards in a tight oval with people skating towards you slightly less frightening. Really settled into a nice vibe with it.

Half time – checked in with Igor to make sure he was happy. He was. My jam refs however were a bit confused by the fact I hadn’t told them if lead was open or closed IN A SINGLE JAM. Ha. I forgot that was my job.

Picked that up and continued it into the second bout. Croydon v Tiger Bay Brawlers. Lovely teams to watch. Bit handsy. I was always a very handsy skater so this always makes me smile.

Then we went to the after party where a massive cat sat at the picnic tables and watched people talking. So I carried it around a bit, listened to people talking about BDSM and gimp suits and headed home. Now at 26. Seven more to go.


I’m the kind of person who needs a challenge. I am competitive but I need to know the target or I get distracted.

So, with Shref, I have set myself some reffing measurable goals.

I’m currently at 24 open bouts. God knows how many closed and scrims I’ve done. I work out I have nine weekends where I can potentially ref before the end of the year. So I’m gonna set myself a target of nine bouts between now and then… One per weekend average.

So, 33 bouts by the end of 2013? Yes. Let’s make that happen.


Well that was pretty epic.

Head reffed a mixed scrim in Oxford, with Ed, Robo Kop, Barry, Templeman, Jamerica and T-Hex.

Could it have gone better? Yeah. But on the whole it was pretty bloody awesome.

Plus my crew gave me this at the end <3 never been happier 🙂


And then there was Ed

I asked Shref, Sven and Boris for advice on being a HR. Told them, Cherry and Ed about it before I put it on FB and got lots of support. Felt all warm inside and everything.

Started writing notes, a ref speech, guidance for myself, a list of jobs for the weekend (clean kit and self, prep food, re-read the rules etc etc) and enjoyed the excited nerves.

Today Metal Ed posted on FB that he wasn’t reffing this weekend. I invited him along and he’s gonna come to SDRD and Oxford with me. ARGH I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS.
He said he’s happy for me to HR still, and thankfully he knows my THIS IS CONFUSING ME face and said he will help out if I need him to. I don’t think I could be any happier about this if he offered to hold my hand the entire time and point out all the penalties. <3

I’m going to London, to buy the Heat Magazine

After AGES of talking about hitting up an SDRD practice I eventually caved to Samdroid’s CONSTANT EXCESSIVE DEMANDS FOR COMPANY (he asked twice) and agreed to head down on the 10th. That being the only weekend I’m free to go visit for the next two months.

He put something on the team forum about me coming and needing somewhere to stay (potentially) which led to me being asked to ref a scrim that Sutton Impact was headed to in Oxford afterward.

I got in touch with Templeman – who was organising the ref crew – and within an hour or so it came out that not only were they happy to have me. I was also the most experienced ref on the crew. And they wanted me to Head Ref the bastard thing.

I said yes. This could be HILARIOUS.