So. Two days. Nine bouts. Six and a half hours of reffing for Crew Travesty.

One word sums it up: Amazing.

It was tiring as hell – I had to ice my feet on Saturday night – but the entire thing was completely invaluable. Nearly doubled my bouting history in two days (again) and this time I felt completely confident.

Travis’ no-crap style is perfect for me mid-bout. Being told to just take it up a level each time kept me on my toes. No complacency allowed.

Got some great feedback from teams too who said my calls were fair (although the wished I had missed them… Obviously). Amazing what one weekend can do for your reffing-esteem. And this is just one year and one week since I decided to start reffing. What a bloody journey.

Great to catch up with skater friends too. Shref, Kosh, Bunnie Suicides, Chaz, Templeman and Igor. Plus new friends Lotte, Harry and Watze. Still loving this tournament malarkey.

Have emailed my thankyous to Stiff and Sven, Boris and Ed, and the people who made this happen for me – Cherry and Trav. Thanks for believing in me you mad bastards.


NWO vs. Jakey
Quad guards vs. Skateful
LRT vs. MK
LRT vs. Tyne N Fear – Full length
Jakey vs SSB, MK vs. Expendables
New Wheeled order vs.south Wales silures – Full length

Southern discomfort vs. Inhuman league – Full length
Inhuman league vs Tyne and Fear – Full length.

Oh hang on, one sec *vomits*… back now. It’s LESS THAN A WEEK til the Euros and the excitement/adrenaline/nerves are starting to get to me.

I have been in the gym working on my stamina because it’s going to be a tiring weekend. I have been researching high energy snacks that are easy to digest. I’ve printed off the rules. I’ve ordered new safety gear. I have picked a song to listen to before each bout. I’m still not ready.

Holy shiz this is actually happening isn’t it?

Boys v Girls

Tonight I reffed the Crash Test Brummies v Central City Rollers. Boys v Girls.
I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world to take a deep breath at the idea of that. Merby is a completely different game to Derby in my head.

I worry about high blocks, I worry about the Boys saying they’re toning things down for the Girls and the Girls ramping it up in retaliation. (Like this: I worry that they’ll break each other. And I worry that the Boys will sweat all over the Girls and make them smell bad. That last bit is only half-joke because Merby Boys tend to STINK.

With only four refs (Rollin’ Rat, Metal-Ed, Fu Man Drew and me) I had to IPR. Checked with Fu on what I was meant to do… then spent the first two jams being told “Sleaze… you need to be THERE”. Got there in the end, although I was convinced I was about to break my ankle by doing hockey stops backwards.

Hittin’ up the Harbour

Work sent me on a week-long course to learn how to be A BOSS. (Like I don’t already know how to direct workflows and promote synergy)

It was in Bristol, so I drove and took my skates – and met up with the Harbour Harlots for a practice. At first I was all SAD FACE because I didn’t recognise any people to be refs. Then I was all HAPPY FACE when the crowd parts and there stands the lovely Mr Incredibrawl. Ahhhh, ref friends.

Nice practice. I skated into a wall and wiped myself out.