Ref road trip

This Saturday I hung out with Boxall then had a film night and noms with Kellie and Richard. It was nice. A full day of NO ROLLER DERBY.

It was balanced out by having an early start on Sunday (picked up by Metal Ed at 930) to drive to Travis T’s house and head off to Swindon with him and his missus.
Reffed two bouts there. Girls. One team wore light blue and pink which made me think about MMR a lot. Then dashed back to ref the Brummies practice. Boys. They were sweaty.

Got some feedback from Rocky who was HR for the Swindon stuff – he said I’m really coming along and that I need to work on OOP Blocking during no packs. I DIDN’T REALISE THIS WAS MY JOB. ha. Total fail. At least I know that now. Just in time for the Euros.

I have now reffed 15 bouts. Pretty cool.

Mens Euros – Take Two

Last year my trip to Birmingham to watch the Euros was an eye opener.

I’d just decided I wanted to ref, I watched the calls and thought about what I would have called instead and I celebrated my birthday in style with all the best folk from TNF, NRG and MMR. It was a brilliant weekend.

This year I’ll be on Team Zebra – making calls and taking part in the most prestigious event in my roller derby reffing career. I’m so truly stoked it’s unreal. I’m gonna polish my skates for this one.

Once again, thanks to Sven and Stiff for supporting and teaching me – you guys are my derby-dads – and to Cherry Fury for making reffing cool.

Of course, thanks to Dog for putting the thought in my head and to Sniper… I wont even finish this sentence. COME ON EUROS!!