Tournament Feedback

So, now the fun of the tournament is behind me (post-bout-blues is a bastard) I’ve asked for some feedback from my two head refs from the weekend… Metal-Ed and Spectral Aberwraytion.

1) If you see a penalty, commit to calling it. Have more confidence in your calls.
2) Be louder.
3) Set off a tad earlier as OPR.
4) Always keep communicating with the inside. Not necessarily eye contact, but just a shake/nod to your JRs or IPRs to indicate you did spot and assess whatever it was.

The rest of the messages were lovely compliments, which I’ll keep to myself. Neither mentioned how good my hair or bum looked… sad times.

So, five bouts in two days and only four points to work on… not too shabby. Also this is the first time in my life when I’ve been told to be louder. Defo think it’s down to the mouthguard…

Fu Man Chew

This weekend I had the best time I’ve had in roller derby. Was going to say “for a long time”, but think actually… it might be the best time I’ve ever had?

Joining a bunch of refs I’ve never met, and some I have and already love, I was part of team Eggs at the UKRDA Tournament in London. Drove and stayed at Cherry’s house, two very long days with early starts. Lots of people watching etc etc. Should have been more nervous than I was I guess, but I had Metal Ed as my head ref so I was suitably relaxed.

OPR’d the full thing. Three bouts on day one and two on day two. I loved four of the five bouts, but felt completely disconnected from the second one on the first day. I felt I didn’t make any calls (turns out it was a pretty clean bout) and that put me in a weird slump. But then the final bout of that day was merby, so I was back in my comfort zone and LOVED that one.

Met Shref and GingerDread Man for the first time and Noise Tank properly, and spent the weekend rolling around, looking at tattoos, eating and taking photos of/for Fu Man Drew.

I think my new favourite reffing is tournament reffing. Things to remember for the future: Pads will feel awful when wet. Wear tubigrips to stop this. Contact lenses dry up when you DON’T BLINK. Your new ref friends will play jokes on you if you sleep. Refs always win after parties. If you see a spider, PUNCH IT.

Dealt with two ref (dance and booze related) concussions. Got two compliments on my bum. The two were not connected.


Saturday’s Bouts:
Brighton vs Kent, London Brawl Saints vs Brighton and Crash Test Brummies vs Inhuman League

Sunday’s Bouts:
CCR a vs LRG B and Bristol vs CCR

Kitten time

This weekend I travelled back up to the North East. Needed more root canal (who doesn’t) and to see my friends… well actually Holli asked me to come up so she could get a kitten. I booked my transport that day.

Got up on the Friday night, arranged to meet Sven early on the Saturday for a Berlin-themed breakfast and rules chat. I’m slightly nervous ahead of the tournament which is just crackers. I know the rules, but still feel like I don’t. Thankfully him and Boris have comforted me and answered my questions, so I’m feeling a bit more relaxed.
Got there nice and early to find about 3 missed calls, 15 texts and a load of whatsapps from people saying the Dome had flooded. MASSIVE OVER REACTION. The roof was leaking but it wasn’t the end of the world.

Sven, Dog, Porky and Jorgi were there trying to suss out how to lay the track. I suggested an angle. They did it how I said to. Afterwards EVERYONE was pissed off with me for this (including me). NEVER LAY A TRACK ON AN ANGLE, you cannot stay in bounds. It’s like a optical illusion.

Reffed with two of the MMR lads. Loved that. Made two calls that got “Good call ref” and a clap FROM THE PLAYERS. That’s a new one for me. Really enjoyed it.

Then I totally OWNED the after party, woke up, got a kitten, spent the day hungover eating curry and watching Glee with De Rossi. Pure BLISS.
She even spray painted my helmet for me ahead of the tournament this weekend. She’s a good lass.


UKRDA tournament

It’s been one year since I last played in a competitive roller derby bout.
This was it:

I’m glad to say that I played really well and came out with the award for Best Jammer (it was a particularly good bout, one that I actually remember).

Shortly after that I knocked my teeth and never bouted again.

So it’s pretty damn cool that just over one year later I have been picked to ref the UKRDA tournament in London. Bit of a fucking honour that like.

One year. I didn’t think I’d get anywhere near this far. Thanks to Cherry Fury for pushing me, Sven and Stiff for supporting me, and Boris Snarloff for reminding me I’m not on fire. I wouldn’t have/couldn’t have done it without you.

Cherry Fury asked me to go to London, spend the weekend hanging out and do a bit of reffing with the LRG and SDRD.

Ok says I.

Book in the weekend off, look at train prices and talk to London mates about hanging out on the bank holiday Monday.

Couple of weeks later she posts on my wall “hey, apply for this as your due to be staying with that weekend!! D” with a link to this:

That, and the fact I told Sven I was coming home so will see him at the TNF bout (which he fast replied with… CAN YOU REF?) have totally boosted by reffing confidence.

I had a day-long chat with Boris Snarloff about rules, which reminded me that I do know an awful lot… I just don’t have the confidence of someone who has been doing this for years. BECAUSE I HAVENT BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS.

Sounds stupid, but it just hit me.

Also – am bringing my car down here with me when I move flat, so will make more practices. Really pleased by that.