High Wycombe NOT Croydon

SDRD invited TAF to come play them in a double header in High Wycombe. Sven asked me to ref but said it was in Croydon. Lying bastard.

First up was Big Bucks High Rollers v Bristol Harbour Harlots, followed by the lads.

Awkwardly I was wearing the same Adidas pants as half of the Harbour Harlots. Never mind.

Great two games – nearly got wiped out twice by flying roller girls but was fine. Fell over once, oddly into a push up. That either looked epic, or like I am a complete dick. Not sure which.

OPR’d the full thing, first bout with Cherry and Sven, second one with new ref friends: Igor Maniac and Mr Incredibrawl.

Don’t feel like I missed anything this time round, felt happy with all my calls, but had a problem with people not hearing me. Need to work on being louder than the music.

Was getting a bit tired towards the end – need to pick up on my cardo in the gym, if I can just get my knee to stop hurting.

Was invited to SDRD and LRG practice by Cherry at the end of May so need to have worked on it by then cos they are FAST.

Good bout, really enjoyed myself, and got to hang out with the Newcastle lot for a short while – think I hugged Big Smack for about twenty glorious minutes.

I love merby. It’s always exciting to watch. It’s like how roller derby was when I first got into it. A bit ramshackle, a bit crackers, and full of people who just want to skate.

The Crash Test Brummies are taking on The Expendables, they’ve played before at the Euro Champs (when I decided I wanted to properly ref) and they’re a team made up from men who don’t practice together, but want to bout. I love that idea.

First things first, reffing under Fu Man Drew, and alongside Cherry Fury and Rocky, three refs I already have great love and respect for. Met a newer ref called Razor, she was lovely too. OPR’d, and got in a few calls, but missed one because I stumbled over what to call it as. Kicked myself because Travis was like “easy, it’s so-and-so”, and I was like OF COURSE IT BLOODY IS. Was furious at myself for the rest of the bout, but I’ll never miss it again.

Spoke to Travis about his helmet (you can fit a face sheild to it… WFTDA emailed about my question on what was classed as acceptable saying – it depends. tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll say yes or no… basically), got some compliments on my bum (CCR ladies sat in the audience) and also was told later on that my skating had been complimented as I regularly had to jump out of the way of skaters flying off track. It’s always nice to hear that despite thinking you have the grace of a heavily pregnant hippo, you can still impress.

Learnt a lot from this bout. I spoke to a few refs afterward about missing that call, and found that everyone does it. It’s gonna upset me at first, but it’s just something that happens. And the fact I’m aware I missed it is actually a good sign. It really boosted my confidence.

I’ve got a few more bouts booked in while I’m here in the Midlands. And I’m gonna nail them.