Looking forward

I’ve realised how bloody down I sound about reffing by reading back my past posts. I’m not. I’m nervous sure, but not down about it.

I’ve just been asked to ref this weekend and in two weekends-time. I’m psyched about it, but I’m mainly proud that people thought of me to ask. So I’m gonna shut up with the nerves and work on being the best I can be. BRING IT ON.

Nine months in

Ok, I’ll be honest. At (Proud to be) REF CON, I thought I was understanding the theory. I then put my skates on and was like – yep, I’m still a damn good skater. But then they put London Brawling on the track and said “off you pop, go do the reffings” and my mind went blank.

I kept up with the pack, genuinely counted that as a huge positive. I got off track and was told I missed: An extra skater on for one team, a star-pass-of-doom, and a skater being ejected. DIDN’T NOTICE ANY OF THIS. I’m not sure reffing is really for me. Like, how the hell can you just not seeing anything like that? It doesn’t bode well does it?


When you’re surrounded by refs it’s like being back at school. You’re all the uncool kids again.

Some of my ref friends got to Guildford early to SIT A TEST. I did NOT. Hung out with Boris Snarloff, read the rules en route (much to his complete dismay) and laughed with Jonny about how we’re only in it because we find roller derby fun still. Not sure this is something a lot of people feel these days. It seems to have gotten really professional and sincere lately.

I learnt a ridiculous amount, as I knew I would. Made some new ref friends. Met some people I’m not going to stay in touch with. Learnt how to grapevine on skates. Reffed the London Brawling (this but was slightly taking the mick) and hugged Umpire Strikes Back. This was the best part for me… not counting the vintage shopping I did with Boris the day before.



Went to see the CTB today. Was a bit naughty and got their bout mentioned in the news here, but it is their FIRST home bout, and they’re celebrating their first birthday. So it’s a pretty big deal.

I’ve trained with these guys once. I barely know them, but still I felt completely at home cheering them on surrounded by their friends, family and fans. Got a lift with Roisin Roulette, who I haven’t ever really spoken to, despite knowing her in derby-life since I started. Lovely lady, and saviour of my day for coming to pick me up and take me back home after ward.

Watch TIL do their amazing skating, as per. Psyched to see Beat Monkey skating so brilliantly. And also was fab to watch the CTB from a safe distance as they did their thing. That league has some shit-hot skaters. I’m excited to train with them. I’ll be going along more often after ref bootcamp – taking place next weekend.