Today I will ref outside of my comfort zone. No, I’m not moving from my beloved spot on the outside of the track… I’m reffing with a squad made up of NON-NORTHERNERS.

Metal Ed asked me if I fancied reffing with the Crash Test Brummies since they had a closed bout, it’s closed innit, what’s the worst that could happen?

Oh apart from the other team dropping out due to the snow, half the refs pulling out for the same reason, me losing my whistle and STILL NOT HAVING SKATED FOR OVER A MONTH (and not exactly… properly… read the rules yet… but shhhhhhh on that one).

Yeah, it’s gonna be FINE. Fine. FINE.

New rules, FML

Hadn’t planned on reading these until February, yet I find myself sat on a Sunday night in my apartment, highlighters in hand, with a PDF print out of the rules that Terri has done for me (she’s a good lass).


Why are penalties still called Major Penalties when there are no Minors?